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10 Elements of Small Business Social Media Success

Through interviews with the small business marketers featured in this report combined with research and examination of the HubSpot customer base, the following 10 common traits were shared by small business owners successfully using social media.

Small Business Owners Who Successfully Use Social Media…

1. Commit weekly resources to creating content and engaging in social media.

2. Have some methods of understanding how social media activity had an impact on business results.

3. Regularly generate content using blogs, Twitter, Facebook or other social platforms.

4. Don’t try to do use every platform, instead focusing time and resources on the social media channels that drive the best results for their business.

5. Use social media to drive participation in offline events.

6. Set clear expectations for customers regarding frequency and types of social media interactions their company is willing to provide.

7. Leverage social media to position their company as a thought leader within their industry.

8. Provide clear calls-to-action and opportunities to generate leads and new customers using social media.

9. Use information and data from social media to drive business strategy.

10. Balance paid and organic search engine traffic. Source Credit : Hubspot- Leading Marketing Automation Platform